A Stylistic Analysis of "Bidrohi": Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Contribution to a Neo-Renaissance through Poetry


  • Md Amirul Islam Department of Sanskrit, Faculty of Arts, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205 Author
  • Murshida Khatun Department of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205. Author




The rebel poem; Kazi Nazrul Islam; Bidrohi; Bangladesh poetics


The study focuses on the rebellion poems over world influence, themes, and stylistic evaluation in "The Bidrohi" by Kazi Nazrul Islam. The data source used in this research is the poem "bidrohi" and "the rebel," where "the rebel" is the translated form of the "Bidrohi" poem. To analyze the data, the author used a linguistics-grammatical perspective, qualitative descriptive, and quantitative data research methodology. With the use of numbers, percentages, and their interpretation, the study analyzes and clarifies the messages that the author wishes to share with the reader. The information was gathered by employing reading, gathering, and analysis approaches. This research topic demonstrates the terriability of colonialism and slavery, as well as how to protect this situation and the renaissance for freedom, and some statistics back up the description. The author hopes that this research will be beneficial to all nations around the world.