Peeping into AI: A Literary Deconstruction of an Essay by AI GPT3 and an interview with AI LaMDA


  • Solomon Bondla Jazan University Author



Artificial Intelligence, , AI literature,, deconstruction, GPT3, LaMDA, computational creativity


This study focuses on the expanding role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creative expression and language generation. In particular, it examines the ongoing debate about whether AI deserves legal personhood and authorship credits, a topic often ignored from AI's perspective. Usually, the views of humans are debated on the impact (positive and negative) and catastrophic implications of AI, but the view of AI on this is never considered. In the present study, two pieces of AI-generated text are taken. Firstly, an essay- published in the Guardian, ‘Are you scared yet, human?’ written by AI GPT3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3), and secondly, a recently published (2022) conversation between Google AI LaMDA (Language Model Dialogue Application) and Google engineers are taken. This paper employs ‘deconstruction’- a post-structural literary theory to explore layered meaning in the communication between AI and Humans. This paper deconstructed the views of AI, distinguishing between stated claims and actual meant views built in covert and latent linguistic expressions through catachresis, slippage, aporia, and subliminal metaphor. This study contributes to computational creativity by understanding and improving AI language's semantic and literary quality.