A Discursive Analysis of Emotional Appeal in Pakistani Political Parties Songs


  • Saba Hanif University of Sahiwal Author
  • Muhammad Sheheryar University of Sahiwal Author
  • Azha Farid Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Author




Emotional Appeal, Political Songs, Discursive Strategies, Attract Electorate, Political Parties.


This discursive examination aims to dive into the emotional appeal used in political songs to shape the minds of youth. It also sheds light on the hidden agenda behind the discursive language used in political songs. Through political discourse analysis, this article explores how political parties use the power of language to catch the audience. It targets the common practice of using emotional appeal in political songs during different campaigns. These songs are used to evoke feelings of unity, hope, patriotism, and even anger to attract people to a specific party. These deceptive words in songs are used to catch the voter. This research analyzed political songs through qualitative methods, using Fairclough’s 3D model (1995) and Van Dijk’s Politics, Ideology and Discourse (2006). This research provides a dimension to analyze political songs. It also helps readers understand the discursive strategies they use.