Revisiting Gender Roles: A Feministic Analysis of Pakistani movie “Bol”


  • Shamsa Iqbal Government College University Faisalabad Author
  • Rida Nadeem University of Sahiwal Author



Women's rights, Gender role, Feminist analysis, Society, Eastern culture


Gender roles discussion has gained a special place among feministic analysis. Women are facing difficulties in a male-dominated society. This research is conducted to clarify that men are suppressing the fundamental rights of women. Through feministic Analysis the life of a divorced women having a creative mind struggling to change her father’s patriarchal thought in a Pakistani movie “Bol”. Movies and dramas depict the societal issues of the society deeply—traditional gender roles of not having a right to get an education, get a job, and get married. The social role theory by Eagly, Chimamanda Ngozis’ feminist definition is being discussed with regard to the in-depth meaning of gender role identity in society.  Women’s rights are being suppressed by male-dominated society. They do not have the right to speak for their legitimate deeds for the sake of the honor of their males. They have to be silent at any cost. This research highlights the issue of gender inequality and rights suppression.